Birthright Online

Making Your Character
Once you are accepted into the game, you will be added to the LeBR mailing list and given your character info. If, however, you are starting with a yet 'untouched' character, you will need to fill in the details. First, you'll need to grab a character sheet (right-click and save the text file). Please fill out all the information that you can - you must used published data where applicable. If there is information that you do not know, please ask the DMs. Everything else can be made as governed by AD&D 2nd Edition rules (those found in the Player's Handbook and the Birthright Rulebook). The following are exceptions / notes:
  • Hit points are determined by the DMs and stored in the BirMail data, so you can get this from your turn report (once you have it).
  • Likewise with blood strength, derivation, and abilities.
  • Ability scores are determined using our point system (if the character does not have ability scores already assigned in a published source). That system is detailed below.
  • Basic Items includes mundane equipment that your character usually has on his or her person (weapons, armour, etc.). A list of region-specific equipment can be found below
  • Magic items and spells are chosen by the players, with some limitations.
  • We would also like to see every player create a 'family tree' for their character
  • Character kits must be submitted for approval.
  • Languages and proficiencies are determined normally.
  • Please also add your THAC0.
Once you have filled out your character sheet, submit it to (keep it in .txt format, please!).
Ability Scores
We use a specific point system at LeBR. You have 85 points to spend on your 6 abilities following these guidelines:

  • Scores up to and including 15 cost an amount equal to their score.
  • 16 costs 17 points.
  • 17 costs 20 points.
  • 18 costs 24 points.
  • Exceptional strength costs 1 point for every 'category' beyond 01-50.
Racial modifiers are applied after the 85 points are spent. We have provided a calculator to help with this process, and we recommend that you use it to at least check your values. To use the calculator, select your race and class and then proceed to choose your ability scores. Your point total is updated at the bottom. When you are done, be sure to record your Final Scores, as these take into account racial modifiers. If your race or class is not listed, you can leave those fields blank (and apply any racial modifiers later after you contact the DMs).
Magic Items
Characters that are in accepted published material (e.g., Ruins of Empire) get any magic items listed. Others get to start with a magic item worth 2000 XPs or less. You get to pick what it is as long as it is Birthright appropriate - remember that most items in Birthright have unique names and stories behind them. Additionally, you can 'earn' extra magic items by writing up your "family tree" (see the next section). Remember, not everything has to fit the rulebooks; be creative.
Family Tree
What we are looking for is 6-10 NPC characters (who are not lts.) who your character has some relation with (friend, enemy, relative, current/ex-lovers, etc.) and possibly some responsibility to. What we are looking for is not a character sheet (you have enough work for your regent and lts. for this). We need this information:

Age: (in years please, unless under 1)
Race: (Vos, Anuirean, Khinasi....)
Class: (fighter, thief, priest....)
Relationship: (son, brother, uncle, suitor, hairdresser..)
Short description: (Try to limit this to under 100 characters.)
Disposition to character: (worship, love, like, neutral, dislike, hate)

As a reward for doing this we will give you an additional 3000 XP for a magic item. This item will be somehow related to at least some of the people you have just created (i.e. The head of the Inere family is entitled to use the family seal, a +1 ring of protection).

The idea behind this is to give the random event DMs something to work with. This will allow them to "personalize" events for each player. It also gives players potential NPC's to recuit for future lts, spouses, etc. When all the group's are collected the DM's will examine the characters and modify them based on what other PC's have created (i.e. Don't be surprised if you find out you are related through a distant relative by marriage of some of your "family"). Feel free to contact other players to "jointly" create some of these people.
Wizards and magicians may choose the spells in their spellbook. They are allowed a number of spells per spell level equal to the maximum allowed for intelligence. Wizards may choose 1 battle spell and 1 realm spell for every 3 levels they have (round up, so a level 5 mage gets 2 of each, for example). Keep in mind that you must have the related conventional spell in order to have the battle spell version, and battle magic takes up slots in your spell book.

Priests will have access to all spells typically allowed them, as per the rules. Priests may also choose 1 battle spell for every 3 levels they have (round up). They have access to all realm spells allowed by their god.

Other spellcasters may also cast battle magic. They get to choose one such spell per 3 caster levels (round up).
Characters begin play automatically knowing how to speak their native language. They may choose additional languages by spending a nonweapon proficiency (NWP) point (these languages must be justified by the character's background). The ability to read and write languages also costs NWP points, 2 points for fighters and thieves and 1 for everyone else. The Cerilian languages are as follows:

Human Tongues Andu (old Anuirean), Anuirean, Basarji (Khinasi), Low (modern) Brecht, High (ancient) Brecht, Rjuven, Vos
Demihuman Tongues Karamhul (Dwarvish), Sidhelien (Elvish)
Nonhuman Tongues Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, Ogrish, Orog, Troll
Weapon & Nonweapon Proficiencies
Proficiencies are dealt with as in regular AD&D 2nd edition rules. The intelligence bonus for extra languages is used for extra NWP slots instead. When selecting weapon proficiencies, take note of what weapons are typically found in your region (a list is below). The fighting styles from the Complete Fighter's Handbook are approved for play. The following information is from the Player's Handbook and Birthright Rulebook (proficiencies from other sources may be used, but you must send the particulars to us for approval):

Proficiency Slots
            Weapon               Nonweapon
Group    Proficiencies         Proficiencies
-----    -------------         -------------
Warrior  4 + 1 per 3 levels    3 + 1 per 3 levels
Wizard   1 + 1 per 6 levels    4 + 1 per 3 levels
Priest   2 + 1 per 4 levels    4 + 1 per 3 levels
Rogue    2 + 1 per 4 levels    3 + 1 per 4 levels

Note: You do not round up.

Int    Slots
---    -----
2-8      1
9-11     2
12-13    3
14-15    4
16       5
17       6
18       7
19       8
20       9
Nonweapon Proficiency Groups
                # of Slots  Relevant   Check
Proficiency      Required   Ability   Modifier
-----------     ----------  --------  --------
Administration       1      Int         -2 
Agriculture          1      Int          0
Animal Handling      1      Wis         -1
Animal Training      1      Wis          0
Artistic Ability     1      Wis          0
Blacksmithing        1      Str          0
Brewing              1      Int          0
Carpentry            1      Str          0
Cobbling             1      Dex          0
Cooking              1      Int          0
Dancing              1      Dex          0
Direction Sense      1      Wis         +1
Etiquette            1      Chr          0
Fire-building        1      Wis         -1
Fishing              1      Wis         -1
Heraldry             1      Int          0
Languages, Modern    1      Int          0
Law                  2      Int         -1 
Leadership           1      Cha         -1
Leatherworking       1      Int          0
Mining               2      Wis         -3
Pottery              1      Dex         -2
Riding, Airborne     2      Wis         -2
Riding, Land-based   1      Wis         +3
Rope Use             1      Dex          0
Seamanship           1      Dex         +1
Seamstress/Tailor    1      Dex         -1
Singing              1      Chr          0
Stonemasonry         1      Str         -2
Swimming             1      Str          0
Weather Sense        1      Wis         -1
Weaving              1      Int         -1 

                # of Slots  Relevant   Check
Proficiency      Required   Ability   Modifier
-----------     ----------  --------  --------
Ancient History      1      Int         -1
Astrology            2      Int          0 
Diplomacy            1      Wis         -1 
Engineering          2      Int         -3
Healing              2      Wis         -2
Herbalism            2      Int         -2
Languages, Ancient   1      Int          0
Local History        1      Chr          0
Musical Instrument   1      Dex         -1
Navigation           1      Int         -2
Reading/Writing      1      Int         +1
Religion             1      Wis          0
Spellcraft           1      Int         -2 

                # of Slots  Relevant   Check
Proficiency      Required   Ability   Modifier
-----------     ----------  --------  --------
Ancient History      1      Int         -1
Appraising           1      Int          0
Blind-fighting       2      NA          NA
Disguise             1      Chr         -1
Forgery              1      Dex         -1
Gaming               1      Chr          0
Gem Cutting          2      Dex         -2 
Intrigue             1      Wis
Juggling             1      Dex         -1
Jumping              1      Str          0
Local History        1      Chr          0
Musical Instrument   1      Dex         -1
Reading Lips         2      Int         -2
Set Snares           1      Dex         -1
Tightrope Walking    1      Dex          0
Tumbling             1      Dex          0
Ventriloquism        1      Int         -2 

                # of Slots  Relevant   Check
Proficiency      Required   Ability   Modifier
-----------     ----------  --------  --------
Animal Lore          1      Int          0
Armorer              2      Int         -2
Blind-fighting       2      NA          NA
Bowyer/Fletcher      1      Dex         -1
Charioteering        1      Dex         +2
Endurance            2      Con          0
Gaming               1      Chr          0
Hunting              1      Wis         -1
Mountaineering       1      NA          NA
Navigation           1      Int         -2
Running              1      Con         -6 
Set Snares           1      Int         -1
Siegecraft           2      Int
Strategy             1      Int         -2
Survival             2      Int          0
Tracking             2      Wis          0
Weaponsmithing       3      Int         -3

                # of Slots  Relevant   Check
Proficiency      Required   Ability   Modifier
-----------     ----------  --------  --------
Ancient History      1      Int         -1
Astrology            2      Int          0
Engineering          2      Int         -3
Gem Cutting          2      Dex         -2
Herbalism            2      Int         -2
Languages, Ancient   1      Int          0
Navigation           1      Int         -2
Reading/Writing      1      Int         +1
Religion             1      Wis          0
Spellcraft           1      Int         -2
Nonweapon Proficiency Group Crossovers
Class        Proficiency Groups
---------    ------------------
Fighter      Warrior, General
Paladin      Warrior, Priest, General
Ranger       Warrior, Wizard, General
Cleric       Priest, General
Druid        Priest, Warrior, General
Mage         Wizard, General
Thief        Rogue, General
Bard         Rogue, Warrior, Wizard, General

Note: Choosing NWPs outside of your character's
      allowed groups costs an extra NWP slot.
Group     1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12
Priest    20   20   20   18   18   18   16   16   16   14    14    14
Rogue     20   20   19   19   18   18   17   17   16   16    15    15
Warrior   20   19   18   17   16   15   14   13   12   11    10     9
Wizard    20   20   20   19   19   19   18   18   18   17    17    17

THAC0 Advancement:
 Group      Improvement Rate
 -----      ----------------
 Priest       2/3
 Rogue        1/2
 Warrior      1/1
 Wizard       1/3
Basic Equipment
Use this list to determine what basic items your character will normally have upon their person, as well as for determining proficiencies.

Item                     Availability
----                     ------------
Arquebus                 None
Blowgun                  None
Composite long bow       Kh
Composite short bow      Vs, Kh
Long bow                 Rj, An, Elves
Hand crossbow            None
Heavy crossbow           An, Br, Dwarves
Light crossbow           An, Br, Kh, Dwarves
Flail                    An, Br, Vs, Dwarves
Pick                     An, Br, Dwarves
Harpoon                  Rj, Br
Javelin                  Kh, Vs, Elves
Main-gauche              An, Br
     Pike                An, Rj, Br
     Halberd             An, Kh, Br, Vs
     Partisan            An, Kh
     All others          An
Staff Sling              None
     Bastard sword       An, Vs
     Broad sword         An, Br, Rj
     Claymore            Rj
     Cutlass             An, Br, Kh
     Khopesh             None
     Long Sword          An, Br, Vs
     Rapier              An, Br
     Sabre               Kh, Vs
     Scimitar            Kh
     Two-handed sword    An, Br
Trident                  Br, Kh


Armor                Availability
-----                ------------
Banded mail          An, Br, Vs
Breastplate          An
Brigandine           An, Rj, Br, Vs
Bronze plate mail    None
Field plate          An, Br, Dwarves
Full plate           An, Dwarves
Half plate           An, Dwarves
Hide                 Goblins, Gnolls
Improved mail        Kh, Rj
Plate mail           An, Br, Vs, Elves, Dwarves
Ring mail            Br, Rj, Vs
Scale mail           Kh
     Body            Rj, Vs
     Buckler         An, Kh, Br
Splint mail          Kh

Mount                Availability
-----                ------------
Varsk                Vs
Warhorse, heavy      An
Warhorse, medium     An, Kh
Warhorse, light      An, Kh, Elves
Character Kits
The Birthright Rulebook lists character kits that are accepted for play in Cerilia. Before you choose one for your character, though, you must ask us for permission to use it first. Other kits may be accepted. Whenever requesting to use any kits, please send us the info for the kit for we do not have all of the Handbooks.